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Fox News Poll Predicts Red Wave In Midterms

Fox News has a number of new polls out today that shows Republicans are gaining in the upper hand in the upcoming fight for the U.S. Senate. The recent gains are because of the economy, increased interest in the election by Republicans, and pro-Donald Trump sentiment.

Increases were seen in all states Fox News surveyed. Comparing the differences from early September, the number of Republicans feeling “extremely” interested in the upcoming election is up by 2 points in Arizona, up by 9 points in Indiana, up 8 points in both Missouri and North Dakota, and up 11 points in Tennessee. This is what we call the Donald Trump effect. An increase in these states show Republicans are just as excited as Democrats about the upcoming midterms, and of course Republicans out number Democrats enough to sway an election.

The recent battle over Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation and the political upheaval on Capitol Hill because of it might have something to do with the uptick.

You can read the complete poll on Fox News:



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