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Google Engineer Wants ‘Terrorist’ Republican Congresswoman Censored

Top Faylaq al-Sham Terrorist Commander Killed in Clashes with Syrian Army in Aleppo

In leaked emails published in a Breitbart report, a Google search engineer made strong arguments for censoring members of the GOP.

In an email thread dated June 19, 2018, Blake Lemoine, a senior software engineer, commented on Rep. Marsha Blackburn R-TN and her Fox News op-ed, also published in June. While other employees called the op-ed “hilarious” and said that Republicans were “tribalists focused on stirring up outrage to maintain power,” Lemoine’s comments were much more hostile.

In his email, Lemoine said, “We certainly shouldn’t acquiesce to the theatrical demands of a legislator who makes political hay by intentionally reducing the safety of the people who she claims to protect. I’m not big on negotiation with terrorists.”

Blackburn’s op-ed must have seemed threatening to Lemoine, since it argued that Silicon Valley tech companies were not too big to be regulated.

After another employee expressed concern over calling a congresswoman a terrorist, Lemoine said that he’d be “willing to go with ‘thug’ as a compromise.”

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