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Governor Moonbean Causes California To Fall Into The Ocean

Do you care if you are talking to a bot or not? It seems the Democrats in California are scared to death of bots. In fact, so scared they just outlawed them.

California didn’t outlaw them, but instead bots will need to identify themselves when talking to a human, via voice or text, thanks in part to a new law signed by (sigh) Gov. Jerry Moonbeam Brown on the left coast. The new law goes into effect on July 1st of 2019.

The law is aimed at preventing “automated accounts” from pretending to be real people in order to “encourage a purchase or sale of goods or service”. Then there is this – “or to influence a vote in an election”. What is California afraid of?

Also against the fine law is hiding notices about bots in fine print. The bill states bots most be identified in a manner that is “clear, conspicuous, and reasonably designed”.

The bill is coming because they are trying to shore up election systems ahead of the current midterms in November of 2018. Many of these bots are from Russia, so it is hard to imagine how California will apply this law to foreign countries – or if they even can. This new law goes hand in hand with the law Gov. Moonbeam signed recently about net neutrality, which was overturned by the Trump Administration. Currently the Trump administration has filed a lawsuit to prevent California from having it’s own net neutrality law.

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