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Kayne West Takes Heat From The NBA Because Of SNL

Kanye West came out blazing in support of Donald Trump during his performance of Saturday Night Live this weekend. The entire cast at SNL tried to bully him into not wearing his MAGA hat, because, you know, Saturday Night Live hates winning. Now Kayne West has a whole kind of bullying – this time by a surprising organization.

ESPN tells us the NBA is banning Kayne West “Yeezy” basketball shoes because they are “too shiny”. The NBA claims the shoes are “too reflective” and might distract spectators and television audiences.

A lot of players were looking forward to wearing the Yeezy basketball shoes this season, but it seems like the Democratic Snowflake party wants to destroy basketball now that it’s done destroying football games for us.

This comes on the heels of Kayne’s SNL performance, in which he pointed out 90% of the news media is liberal. He also said publicly that “blacks were not always predominantly Democrats”  and also that he “wasn’t concerned about racism in America”. It’s nice to see someone standing up for American society!

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