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Reuters Publishes Trump-Free Story

Reuters published a story on September 30 with the good news that China has begun cutting some of its tariffs. Although this is quite good news there is a mystery as to why China decided to make those cuts since until recently a trade war with the United States had been threatened.

Is there anybody responsible for this shift in trade policy? And who would that be? You can search all you want but you won’t find the identify of that Invisible Man in “China to cut import tariffs on wide range of products.”

BEIJING (Reuters) – China will cut import tariffs on textile products and metals, including steel products, to 8.4 percent from 11.5 percent, effective Nov. 1, the finance ministry said on Sunday.

Beijing has pledged to take steps to increase imports this year amid rising tension with some of its biggest trade partners, such as the United States.

And that is as close as Reuters gets to giving the reason for their change in policy. Of course, no Invisible Man appearances here.

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