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Univision Disses Trump’s 47% Popularity Among 50+ Hispanics in Florida

A new pre-midterm elections poll commissioned by Univision and AARP sounded the alarm about – HOW CAN THIS BE POSSIBLE? – the finding that 47% of Florida’s Latino voters in the 50+ age bracket support President Donald Trump.

In his report on the poll, correspondent Luis Megid cautioned “you have to be careful” that while “the majority (of Latinos) are in disagreement with Trump, still there is a high percentage of older Latinos who back him, 47 percent in Florida”. Could it be that these Latinos actually see a correlation between President Trump’s policies and the “flourishing economy” – including record jobs numbers and record-low Hispanic employment – as even the wary correspondent indicates?

Below is how the Univision correspondent characterized the mid-term election prospects for Republicans, and then only featured a pro-Hillary, Democrat pollster putting negative spin on Trump’s surprisingly strong numbers among Florida Latinos.

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