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Feinstein Takes Bipartisanship To A Brand New And Crazy Level

During the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court Nomination hearing, everyone on Capitol Hill got a little crazy. Without a doubt Diane Feinstein was the first go off the rails. We always expect this from Feinstein.

In the Capitol Building, where our government does most of it’s work, chief snowflake Diane Feinstein cornered Lisa Murkowski. Lisa Murkowski, of course, is one of the handful of Republicans along with Jeff Flake who might be swayed into straying off the party line and voting against Brett Kavanaugh during his Supreme Court Nomination vote. The Supreme Court Nomination vote for Brett Kavanaugh is expected to be held on Friday.

Diane Feinstein, who has more balls than Cory Booker, took the opportunity to corner Lisa Murkowski in the Capitol Building. We aren’t sure if Diane Feinstien is trying to sway Lisa Murkowski over to the dark side or if she is asking her out on a date. It could be both.

Leave it to Patriot Newsletter to keep us up to date on this development. We will be watching both Diane Feinstein and Lisa Murkowski very carefully!

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