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Kavanaugh Confirmation: No Evidence Found To Corroborate Claims

Later today Senators will get their first peak at the FBI’s background investigation on sexual misconduct allegations against Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh. A vote is expected on Friday.

Democrats in Washington DC are already blasting the report even though they haven’t seen it yet.

Sources tell us the report shows no evidence of corroborating the allegations of sexual assault or any kind of misconduct against Brett Kavanaugh other than the fact he likes beer, which all red blooded Americans do. The investigations included interviews with nine people, and signed statements from others. The investigation went past the original instructions from the Senate which asked for only four interviews.

This morning Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley tweeted they had received the file from the FBI. In order to ensure a fair process, the file will also be shared with ranking member Se. Dianne Feinstein. This will ensure there is “equal access” so that snowflakes don’t complain that they didn’t get to see the information or what not.

President Donald Trump, the leader of the free world, ordered the FBI to look into allegations of sexual misconduct. Three women had made false accusations, but the President wanted to ensure the confirmation hearing was fair and proper. A vote is still expected on Friday.

Kavanaugh’s fate will boil down to at least three Republican senators: Jeff Flake, Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski. Joe Manchin, has also stated he will wait until the end of the FBI investigation before making a decisions.

Republicans proudly outnumber the snowflakes in the Senate 51-49, and if there is a tie thankfully Vice President Mike Pence would be the deciding vote.

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