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GOP Destroys Snowflake Filibuster Attempt And Moves Forward

The mighty Republican party destroyed a Democrat led filibuster today and has kept the Brett Kavanaugh on track for a vote, perhaps as soon this weekend. President Trump will be adding a ninth justice to the bench, his second Supreme Court seat filled since he took office.

Both sides saw a single defection today, but they only canceled each other out. The final vote looms on Saturday, and Republicans are confident of a victory.

The Republicans had to blast through a filibuster attempt, and they coast a vote today as a message to the public at a time of deep devisions in our government.

Four Republican members were undecided until the very end – GOP Sens. Susan Collins, Jeff Flake and Lisa Murkowski, and Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin. – but at the end of the day they made the right decisions. Susan Collins singled her vote was only to overcome the filibuster and might still be undecided.

Of course democratic leaders denounced the entire confirmation process. It was painfully obvious who the sore losers were. After demanding an FBI investigation they then claimed it wasn’t enough, and that the GOP is trying to push this nomination through too quickly. Democrats went so far as to accuse the President of picking Judge Kavanaugh to protect himself from future legal issues from the Russia investigation.

Most of all the Democrats complained about decades old sexual misconduct allegations from high school, and typical college parties that most young adults attended in the 1980s. Sen. Diane Feinstein complained the loudest, saying “I do not believe Judge Kavanaugh has earned this seat”.


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