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Dems Continue To Wage War On Kavanaugh – Threaten To Impeach

Last weekend the confimation of now-Justice Brett Kavanaugh surprised and stunned Democrats, and marked another huge win for President Donald Trump. However, Democrats seem to be gearing up for a battle. They have changed their message and are threatening possible impeachment against Justice Brett Kavanaugh – and also seem to be questioning the legitimacy of the Supreme Court itself.

The difficult confirmation fight ended up with a 50-48 vote. During his swearing in President Trump proclaimed now Justice Brett Kavanaugh was found innocent of all charges, clearing the way for Kavanaugh to start work on the Supreme Court – which he did Monday.

Kavanaugh replaced retired Justice Anthony Kennedy, but prominent Democrats – who lost this battle – are threatening to attempt to impeach and have signaled the fight over his seat will continue past the midterm elections.

“Now, they want to impeach him. … It’s an insult to the American public,”  Trump said on Monday, clearly still upset over how poorly the Democrats handled the confirmation process. Trump said only Republican candidates would benefit from the controversy in the midterm elections.

DNC Chairman Tom Perez said in a statement “We will not stop marching, we will not stop fighting”. Clearly this will be an ongoing battle.

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