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Trump Fires Up His Base At Rally In Kentucky

During a rally in Kentucky Saturday President Trump fired up his base by attacking Democrats. Trump claimed Democrats are “toally consumed by their chilling lust for power” and he couldn’t be more right.

The President was at a campaign rally in Richmond, Kentucky, to support Rep. Andy Barr. Barr, who has held the same seat in Congress for three terms, is running against a Democrat named Amy McGrath. The vote will be in the midterm election next month.

During a campaign rally in Richmond, Kentucky, Saturday night, President Trump spoke before a crown in support of Republican Rep. Andy Barr and slammed Democrats, at one point accusing the party of being “totally consumed by their chilling lust for power.”

Barr, who has held his seat in Congress for three terms, is going head-to-head with Democrat Amy McGrath in midterm voting next month.

If Democrats win seats in the upcoming midterm elections and take office, “all they’ll do is obstruct,” Trump said. During the rally he also spoke about his popular economic advances, and mentioned ho well the the economy is doing. “Under Republican leadership, America is booming, it’s thriving. America is winning again because we are finally putting America first,” The President said.

He went on to say “You can either vote for Democrat mob rule or you can vote for a Republican Party that stands proudly for law and order, fairness, freedom and justice.”

Rep Barr joined the President on stage, while Trump heaped praise on Barr. The President said Barr was “a great congressman” and a “great man”.

Trump kicked off the rally saying that earlier Saturday, “we celebrated another tremendous victory” when he “welcomed home” recently freed American pastor Andrew Brunson.

“We are winning” Trump said multiple times.

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