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Trump’s Fundraising Efforts Is Destroying Democrats

Earlier this week Trump’s re-election campaign announced it had raised over $18 million in the past three months. This means President Donald Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign has already raised $106 million – all for an election that is well over two years away.

This is by far an unprecedented amount of money for any candidate to have gathered, no less a sitting president during his first term. This is unheard of. By comparison, Obama had raised only $1.6 million after two years of being in the Oval Office.

Elections or run by one thing – money – and every two years is trading hands between PACs and other entities, all with the common goal of getting money to their candidate of course. Just like how we all pay taxes, everyone does best to skirt around national campaign finance law.

Donald Trump beats his own drum and does what he wants when he wants, which always seems to work to his advantage. This time on the very day he took office he announced he was forming his 2020 re-election campaign, and true to his word he did exactly just that. Just like everything he touches that turns to gold, his re-election campaign is turning to gold – and kicking ass in the process.

Donald Trump is making America great again.


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