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Caravan Migrants Defy Trump Warnings Assault Mexican Troops At Border

A group of Central Americans traveling in a huge caravan attacked Mexican troops at the Guatemalan border with Mexico yesterday. The huge caravan moved on and past the border, defying warning President Trump has made.

The huge caravan, which is estimated to be nearly five thousand people, continued to move towards the United States. The Mexican government and Mexican military seems to be unable to stop the small army. The Mexican policy met the caravan with a wall of police who were armed with riot shields. Initially only dozens of migrants from the huge caravan made it past the police, and their attempts were stalled at the border.

Just when the attempts were stalled, Migrants jumped off the bridge and into the Suchiate River. They organized rope chains to cross the river while others floated by on rented rafts.  Local Mexican residents rented out rafts for a few pesos.

The Mexican federal Police Chief Manelich Castilla told news outlets his police department a violent breach by the migrants, but the thousands of migrants were able to go around them and used the river to bypass federal police. Manelich Castilla said his forces were attacked by rocks and fireworks.

Earlier today Mexico’s ambassador to Guatemala Luis Manuel Lopez Moreno said his country intended to enforce a policy of orderly entry in the face of the thousands and thousand of illegal migrants trying to cross. He also mentioned that hundreds were allowed to cross the bridge to apply for refugee status, nearly all of which were from the caravan and a handful who weren’t. It wasn’t clear who was throwing rocks and fireworks at the police, but it was assumed it was the migrants.

Trump told Mexico in no uncertain terms he was watching the developing situation. Yesterday Trump said he would close the US border with Mexico, which is long overdue.

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