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FBI agents raid San Juan government offices

President Trump sent FBI agents to raid the municipal office in San Juan, Pureto Rico. Reports indicate the purchasing office in San Juan is the main target. Agents were searching for documents and digital records tied into one specific company. This seems to be part of a widespread investigation into fraud and perhaps obstruction of justice charges tied into the office of Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz.

Very special agent Douglas Leff of the FBI said they plan on investigating “where ever the investigation leads us”.

Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz said in a statement she has ordered all city offices and city officials to cooperate with the FBI at all levels. “If someone has done something wrong, they should undergo due process and face the consequences of their actions.”

Puerto Rican news agency El Nuevo Dia was the first news agency to report on the FBI activity, which seems to have been ordered directly by President Donald Trump. In the past Trump has questioned the local government in Puerto Rico, claiming they have failed to support the local population.

More than a dozen federal agents were involved. They raided multiple floors and focused on the purchasing department and contracting departments. They are investigating contracts between the local government and a company named BR Solutions. BR Solutions is a construction company with a $4 million deal with the city of  San Juan, Pureto Rico.

According to El Nuevo Dia, the owner of the company has made multiple questionable donations to a number of local Puerto Rican politicans.

The raid comes after a month when President Trump accused corruption at the local level in Puerto Rico when he discovered they were unable to supply paper towels.


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