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Police Officer In Gwinnett County, Georgia Murdered One Suspect Detained

Police in Gwinnett County, Georgia, announced Sunday morning that one suspect is in custody in the shooting death of a Gwinnett County police officer Saturday. Another suspect is still on the run.

Isaiah Pretlow is in custody and charged with aggravated assault in connection with the shooting death of officer Antwan Toney. He’s accused of pointing a gun at an officer during the manhut.

Tafahree Maynard, who they believe fired the shot that killed Toney, is still on the run. Police are encouraging Maynard to turn himself in. Though police originally said they thought up to four suspects were involved, they said Sunday morning that Pretlow and Maynard are the only suspects.

Saturday police served a warrant to search a home on Cordite Loop, where Pretlow lives.

Toney, 30, was shot while responding to a suspicious vehicle parked near Shiloh Middle School in unincorporated Snellville Saturday afternoon. The car was parking at Crumps Landing Road and White Road.

Gwinnett County Sgt. Jake Smith said in a news conference that someone reported the vehicle and that the people inside may have been smoking marijuana. Toney and another officer approached the vehicle and that’s when someone started shooting from inside the car. “Before they could even get to the vehicle, shots rang out,” Smith said.

Police returned fire as an officer dragged Toney away.

Toney was rushed to Gwinnett Medical Center in critical condition where he died, officials said.

The two-year veteran was just days from celebrating his 3rd anniversary with the department on October 26.

Smith said that “99.999 percent” of the time, routine calls don’t end up in gunfire.

“That it went this way, it’s just tragic,” Smith said.

The suspects sped away and crashed the vehicle on Ross Road and Calumet Farm Lane less than a mile from the shooting scene, got out of the car and ran. Police originally said witnesses reported seeing up to four people run away.

On Saturday night, the car was towed to police headquarters.

It’s the first time an officer has been killed in Gwinnett County since 1993.

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