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Trump Defends His Status As A Nationalist During Interview

Tonight during an interview with Laura Ingraham on Fox News, our leader President Trump not only defended his status as a nationalist but also rejected that a string of violence last week had to do anything with him. President Trump claimed bombs sent to CNN had nothing to do with him leading crowds chanting “CNN sucks” and instead explained how Cesar Sayoc has been insane for some time.

In addition to bombs being mailed to CNN and other Democrats no longer in office, there has also been a number of shooting as well. This includes a shooting at synagogue where multiple Jewish people were brutally murdered by a man with a gun.

Trump claimed major new outlets, starting with CNN and including The Washington Post, was partially responsible for the random acts of violence this past week.

During the interview tonight, Trump claimed Cesar Sayoc was insane a long time before Trump took office.

“You look at his medical records. He was insane for a long time,” Trump added.

During the interview Trump said the Washington Post made no effort to blame Bernie Sanders for the shooting of multiple Republican lawmakers last year during baseball practice.

That attack, which nearly killed Steve Scalise and seriously wounded several others, was carried out by left-wing gunman James Hodgkinson, who had worked on Sanders’ 2016 presidential campaign. No one mentioned any connection to the Sanders campaign at the time of the shooting.

“Bernie Sanders had a fan who shot a very good friend of ours, Steve Scalise, and other people,” President Trump said. “He was a total maniac. Nobody puts his name in the headline, Bernie Sanders in the headline.”


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