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Trump Refuses Calls To Remove New Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker

After President Trump took a strong stand against the Mueller investigation and finally fired Jeff Sessions, the new acting Attorney General was Matthew Whitaker. The Democrat Lobby was quick to attack Matthew Whitaker with all of the strength they can muster. The attacks started with calling Whitaker’s appointment illegal, and then followed up with his past employment which was fined due to their actions.

President Trump continued to protect America and refused to yield any ground. In the same breath, Trump refused to have Whitaker recuse himself from the Mueller witch hunt. Today Trump argued on camera that Whitaker’s public comments on the probe are routine for such high ranking officials.

Over a dozen Democrat Attorney Generals called for Whitaker’s recusal today. The unreasonable demands were made due in part to Whitakers past criticism for the Mueller investigation. Trump does not believe this is an issue at all. “If you argue that all public officials who comment on public matters are disqualifed from assuming a higher office, you would have no left to choose” Mr. Trump said.

“All the time I’m watching many different people go on many different shows saying many different things. That doesn’t mean they’re unqualified,” Trump said.

Trump also said four times today that he does not know Whitaker but that he had heard it he was a great guy and came “highly recommended”.

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