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Second Salvadoran Caravan Forms And Is Ready To Invade The United States

A second set of Salvadorans created a new caravan this weekend from their sad and impoverished country, heading towards to the United States in what seems to be a second invasion of Salvadorans. The original caravan seems to be stalled in Mexico near the United States border.

The second caravan was guarded by police officers. Estimated to be at least a thousand members, the men, women, and children gathered and marched through San Salvador carrying large back packs. The back packs are believed to carry food and water for the 2,700 mile run to the border, but may carry other things as well.

The group from El Salvador was at least the fourth caravan to set off since a first, large-scale mobilization in neighboring Honduras, which departed on Oct. 13 from the crime-wracked northern city of San Pedro Sula. In total it is estimated that thousands of people are moving toward the United states Border.

President Trump has sent thousands of United States troops to the United States border to protect Americans. To date no one has passed the border illegally. The President has vowed to keep the troops at the order until after Thanksgiving. Donald Trump’s entire platform was about protecting America and making our military stronger again, and President Trump has accomplished both.

Inspired by the public spotlight on the larger caravan, Salvadorans organized themselves on social networks and the WhatsApp application to launch the latest effort.


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