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Caravan Member Almost Dies While Crossing Border Illegally

Friday night near the San Ysidro Port Of Entry a twenty-six year old Guatemalan women nearly died while trying to climb Trump’s border fence. The woman is a mother of two, and had two children with her at the time.

Trump has sent troops to secure our border and protect us from members of the caravan.

Border Patrol Agent Tekae Michael told the news outlet that the woman had two children, ages 3 and 5. After they were evaluated for trauma, they were turned back over to the custody of the Border Patrol. She was attempting to enter the United States illegally Friday night.

Locally officials responded to the scene after 8pm local time. The woman and her children were taken to a local hospital.

“Entering our country illegally, particularly over our walls, is not only dangerous, but also very foolish,” San Diego’s chief Border Patrol agent, Rodney Scott, said Saturday. “This woman placed her own life and her children’s lives in peril. She could have easily died if not for the quick response by our agents and EM

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