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Welcome Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez. OMG.

Democrats seem to think they had a “blue wave” during the midterms, but it was more like someone left the kitchen sink running just a little bit too long and it got the floor wet. After they mopped everything up, the world discovered Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez managed to get herself elected to Congress.

Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez sees to think she is all that, and the entire Democratic party seems to be on board with her. We get it – she’s cute, young, and perky, and has energy that is surely missing from the Democratic party. However, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez might be a little too full of herself. Or maybe she just drank too much Kool Aid.

Although it’s not like she was the first woman to be elected to Congress, but the other day she decided to compare her first and only victory to the moon landing. Yes, you read that correctly – Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez compared her being elected to Congress with landing on the moon.

Then she quickly went on to mention Civil Rights, which of course Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez had nothing to do with. In fact she wasn’t even bored yet.

The Democratic party has a lot to learn. What blue wave?



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