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No One Wants To See The Clintons

Imagine if you had a party and no one showed up…. This is exactly how the Clintons must feel right now. It seems they are having some kind of a speaking tour event, and no one is buying tickets. At this point the Clintons have resorted to selling tickets to their speaking events on Groupon.

The name of the event is called “An Evening With The Clintons” and no one seems to be too interested in buying tickets. It sees the Clintons greatly over estimated how much people are willing to pay to see them. Tickets are selling at half off on Groupon.

Nine of their events are currently being sold on Groupon at half off the original price.

Tickets to the April 11th event at New York originally cost $290, but is now being sold for $145 on Groupon.

Other event are also being sold at half off of the original price. Tickets to their Detroit event originally sold for $220 and are now for sale on Groupon at $95. Tickets for their event in Philadelphia originally cost $208 and are now being sold for $85.

Yet still no one seems to be too interested in their talking events, even with the heavy discounts. Only one of their events is sold out, although that is in the Democratic stronghold of California where the Clintons are still very popular even after losing the White House twice.

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