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Trump Continues To Stand Up To Democrats And Continues to Fight For Our Wall

President Donald Trump continues to burn the midnight oil and has stayed in the White House to continue working on re-opening up the the Federal Government as the partial government shut down drags into it’s second week. Democrats returned home for Christmas vacation and have made little to no effort to to fix the situation. In the mean time, federal government employees are working without paychecks adding to an already stressful Christmas season due to the drops in the stock market which are due to Democrats gaining seats in the Senate during the mid-terms.

Both Democrats and Republicans have dug in over funding for the wall with Mexico, which was President Trump’s signature campaign promise when he was elected President.

Although Donald Trump claimed two weeks ago that he would be proud to have a shut down, he clearly and rightfully blames Democrats for shutting the federal government during the holiday season. “Democrats are not interest in protecting our borders or protecting Americans” Trump said via Twitter recently.

Democrats plan to  introduce a legislative package Monday to re-open the government later this week, but it will most likely be an attempt to weaken our country and Trump will never approve it without proper funding to secure our border. Trump is asking for $5 billion dollars to make Americans safer, which is only a small portion of our yearly spending for the US federal government and badly needed to protect Americans from caravans of illegals violating our borders and MS13 – as well as terrorists, two of which were recently arrested at our border.  The weak Democrat bill will fund DHS at current levels through the next month, with $1.3 billion for “border security” but not Trump’s wall.

“Our negotiations are at an impasse at the moment,” Sen. Richard Shelby, R-Ala., the chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee, said on CBS’ “Face the Nation” on Sunday. “I wish it were not so.”


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