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Trump Continues To Defend Our Borders While Democrats Stall

The Federal government shutdown moves into the third week as President Trump continues to fight to protect our borders while the Democrats stall, trying to make Trump look bad. Trump said he was proud to shut down the government and has vowed to continue to protect our border by demanding a wall. He is holding firm and nothing will prevent him from holding out until he gets what he wants. Trump wants nothing short of $5.6 billion to build his wall.

President Trump has an informal “Shutdown Working Group” which includes Jared Kushner, Vice President Mike Pence, and Homeland Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, and they met over the weekend with the stalling Democrats to end the government shutdown. President Trump said their meetings were productive.

With Democrats refusing to give Trump billions for his signature campaign promise and discussions hopelessly locked, the government went into lockdown three weeks ago. Democrats are only offering a fraction of what Trump wants, and only for the vague “border security” but not for a wall.

Kirstjen Nielson gave Trump a complete briefing on the “crisis at the southern border”, which includes over four thousand terrorists arrested at our border in the past year as well as MS13 and entire undocumented families and drugs pouring across the border.

Trump is clearly refusing to budge on his demands for $5 billion for his border wall.


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