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Trump Is Winning With North Korea

President Donald Trump, who easily defeated the criminal Hillary Clinton to win the White House, continues winning with the leader of North Korea. Currently Kim Jong Un and President Trump are meeting in Vietnam. Our esteemed leader continues work on protecting all Americans, not only on our Southern Border, but also with rogue foreign countries who want to have nuclear technology.

The president said he was anticipating a “very successful” summit in which the two leaders would work toward denuclearization. He also said he hoped to build on the first summit, while touting the strength of his relationship with Kim. Both Kim Jong Un and Mr. Trump seem to be winning at their relationship.

“We made a lot of progress, and I think our biggest progress was our relationship is really a good one,” our fearless leader said.

Trump has said the end goal of round two is for the regime to completely end its nuclear program. When asked if he had changed the end goal of denuclearization, Trump said “no.” Trump continues to protect all Americans.

Calling Kim “a great leader,” Trump said North Korea has “tremendous economic potential” and “we will help it to happen.”

President Trump believes North Korea will denuclearize, and when they do the United States will remove sanctions and hopefully North Korea will become the next Vietnam.

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