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Earlier today President Trump gave a firey speech at CPAC this morning. By now even far left liberals must accept the fact that Donald Trump was sent to us from above to protect all Americans, and just as importantly to protect the United States Constitution.

Trump discussed a lot of things during his early morning two hour speech, including  violence against his supporters and silencing of conservative voices on college campuses. The 2nd amendment cannot be ignored or pushed aside. Trump is here to protect our freedom of speech.

During his speech today Trump promised to sign a new executive order which would promote free speech on college campuses from sea to shining sea. President Donald Trump might just be the person to save America from falling apart.

President Trump made his promise at the Conservative Political Action Conference during his speech earlier today. He brought up Mr. Hayden Williams, who was attacked last month at UC Berkely. Williams is a conservative activist. Groups of conservative activists have accused some colleges of trying to supress anti-liberal viewpoints. This is unacceptable and free speech must rule the country. President Donald Trump is here to save the United States Constitution and protect all Americans.

Trump gave Williams time to address the crowd, and then said that Williams “Took a punch for all of us”. He continued by saying “And we could never allow that to happen. And here is, in closing with Hayden, here is the good news. He’s gong to be a wealthy young man”.  Trump told Williams to sue the man who assaulted him, but then mentined he “probably has nothing”.

The man who ruthlessly attacked Williams is Zachary Greenberg, age 28. He was arrested on a warrant accused of punching Williams multiple times last month on the UC Berkely campus.

Through out time American colleges and universities have become thinly-veiled liberal indoctrination schools for the far left. It’s long past time we address this issue, and President Trump’s new executive order will protect our voice on all campuses across the country!



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