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Muller Exonerates Trump Making America Great Again

For the past two years Donald Trump has patiently been waiting for the Mueller report to be completed. The entire time our President has had full faith in Robert Mueller, knowing he had done nothing wrong. This past weekend Mueller filed his two year report and completely exonerating President Trump. If that isn’t enough to calm down the snowflakes, Attorney General Barr has read the report, and then put Congress on notice that no charges will be filed. Now the Democratic leadership will have to admit they were wrong and face the consequences. In some circles, Americans are demanding the Democratic Leadership resigns.

Now the American public wants to know if the Democratic leadership will continue to push their nonsense collusion agenda, or just move onto other topics and the other dozen investigations that also have led nowhere.

Democrats seem to be distraught over the position they are in by the hands of both Mueller and Barr. In a fit of desperation high ranking Democrats are calling for the full report. Suddenly the mainstream news has nothing to talk about. The reality is the full Mueller report may not be seen for decades. The full Watergate report was just released last year.

Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR), the ranking member of the Senate Finance Committee, is already trying to change the story and demanding Congress look into Trump’s financial dealings with Russia, of which there are none. They will obviously keep trying until way past 2020.


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