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CNN Is Having Issues

It’s starting to look like CNN is having serious problems. Today it was announced that CNN is making serious changes in it’s British division, cutting nearly two hours of programming and replacing it with content produced in Atlanta. While CNN is claiming no jobs will be changed due to this decision, CNN has been doing poorly in ratings and seems to have been laying off people.

Tony  Maddox, CNN International executive vice president, seems to have suddenly left the company without explanation. At the same time there has been over one hundred CNN employees that have left their jobs in the past month. A number of jobs were also cut in CNN’s health department. There seems to be plenty of empty desks at CNN.

CNN recently made a number of changes to their offices in New York City. The new offices are in the Hudson Yards area on the West Side of Manhattan, include expensive condos, and have high end restaurants and stores – including Cartier, Rolex, Louis Vuitton and Neiman Marcus. Their facilities in Atlanta also include restaurants and stores open to the public. It’s almost as if CNN is less interested in producing news, and more interested in real estate.

This past year has been difficult for CNN and their ratings has slumped. CNN is beat by both Fox News and MSNBC on a regular basis. During primetime CNN pulls in about one fourth of the viewers Fox News does.

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