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Trump Is Making Mexico Pay For Our Wall

Donald Trump promised us that Mexico would pay for our wall and it seems like he is finally following through on his campaign promise.

This past week President Donald Trump announced he was going to put tariffs on Mexico. The official reason is because Mexico is unable to secure their borders, and is allowing immigrants to flood their border and allowing them to transit all of Mexico up to the United States. The United States is by far the most powerful country in the world thanks to President Donald Trump, and we expect Mexico to be able to secure their border with  other countries. Until they are able to protect their border, President Trump is going to put a tariff on Mexico.

This new tariff – currently set at 5% – will force Mexico companies to pay for our wall. The United States does $151 billion in trade a year with Mexico; One year’s worth of tariffs at 5% would raise billions of dollars for our wall. If Mexico continues to ignore our demands to protect their border, Trump has threatened to raise the tariff to 25% – which would raise tens of billions of dollars for our wall.

Trump is brilliant. He is going to make Mexico pay for our wall and also make them secure their border at the same time. This is why we elected him. This is winning.

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