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More Americans Move To The Right

A brand new Gallop Poll shows the Americans are fully moving to the right, with President Trump getting a strong approval rating of fifty percent. This is one of the highest poll ratings yet during a crisis of epic proportions. 

“Gallup has observed an increase in the percentage of Americans identifying as Republicans (32% in the past two surveys, up from 28% in the prior two surveys), 

The new Gallop Poll shows us that forty-nine percent of Americans approve or strongly approve of Trump and how his administration is doing. If that isn’t enough, fully sixty-three percent of Americans strongly approve of the economy and expect the economy to get better. 

At this point all surveys point towards all Americans moving to the right to support our leader  President Trump. In fact, the approval ratings greatly increases the odd that President Trump will win the next election. 

At the same time, support and approval for members of Congress continues to be at an all time low. Only twenty-five percent of American approve of Congress and the job they are doing.

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