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Pelosi’s Failures This Week

This past week the House – in the best interests of all Americans  around the globe – passed the largest stimulus package ever conceived by the American government or any government in the world. All of this was greatly encouraged by Nancy Pelosi, who tried in vain to get her silly little vanity projects inserted into the bill. Of course, she failed at every level as Democrats always do.

The bill was some eight hundred and eighty pages long and it was very easy to slip silly littlel things into it. Pelosi tried hard to pass through some of these items…

  • Mandated “diversity” on corporate boards and in banks.
  • Required airlines to disclose and reduce emissions.
  • Mandated that states allow voting by mail.
  • Increased union bargaining power.
  • Expanded tax credits for wind and solar power.
  • Prohibited universities from disclosing the citizenship status of their students.
  • Provided a bailout for some private pensions.

But of course, that’s only the beginning of her silly antics. There was still a lot of silly and unncessary items she tried to hide in the bill. Our favorite “Diversity requirements for banks and corporate boards” were shut down,  Pelosi’s demand for a Securities and Exchange Commission advisory group to promote corporate “diversity.” Don’t we have enough diversity in the business world?

Also out was “new carbon emissions restrictions” or disclosure requirements for airlines or other industries

Of coruse, Pelosi also tried to give out handouts to the cancer producing solar power providers. Nice try, but another fail for Pelosi.


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