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President, Defence Secretary Brief Reporters At USNS Comfort

It’s time someone takes charge of this situation, so in rides our leader President Trump to save the day!

Right now the as we type President Trump and the Defense Secretary is at the USNS Comfort briefing reporters on the USNS Comfort and what it will be doing over the next few weeks to save American lives.

President Trump is very smart – he has a very high IQ – and he is two steps above us. The USNS Comfort will not be helping people who have the virus. The USNS is a ship, and just like a cruise ship it is a bad place for victims of this unseen virus from China. Instead, the USNS will be taking care of regular patients that are unable to visit their local hospital.

This is another example of Trump’s excellant business and leadership skills. Only a business man like Trump can think outside of the box like this!


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